Ends of the earth

Since my last blog post at the beginning of January, a lot has happened… both good and bad. I promise, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, I just ended up taking some unexpected, and much needed time off. 

My Memaw and Paw on their wedding day in 1969.

My Memaw and Paw on their wedding day in 1969.

On January 12th, my world stopped time. My Paw at the young age of 65 suddenly, and very unexpectedly passed away. I would be lying if I said that life hadn’t crumbled right before my own eyes all in the swoop of a ten minute phone call. For my family to loose such a beautiful soul, is something of such magnitude that just cannot be described with words. Needless to say, it has been a bit of a struggle to get back into the saddle, and begin to establish a new kind of normal. I have to say that through all of this, I have found such a stronger appreciation of what I am so incredibly blessed to do what I do, and the true importance of all of the captured moments in life, both big, and small.

Of course it’s not that I hadn’t known how precious these moments are, but when suddenly, moments, and memories you carry with you are all that you have of someone you love… it really puts it all into perspective on how much we all need to slow down a little, and soak in life in the moment that it is in. I can’t tell you how many pictures that I went through following the days after he passed to put together a slideshow, and to share images with the family. Not only pictures that I took, but also ones taken from so many different loving hands over the years. From early childhood to the day he passed, he was always smiling. Picture after picture of nothing but just the absolute best smile you’ve ever seen. My Paw had a love for life, and a lust for adventure that spread to all who was around him. He lived life in the moment it was in, always. 

So onto some good news… even along with recent events, some pretty incredible things have happened around here with Retro P. For starters, Retro Peacock Photos was accepted as an official Fearless Photographer, which honestly is pretty badass. Fearless is a group of some of the top wedding photographers in the world (yes, world) recognized for their innovation, and “fearless” attitude towards pushing the limits and boundaries of professional wedding photography. You read this right, I got a big old high five for being different, and being known to break a few rules in my industry.  

Secondly, even more bigger news, as of last week we were listed on Offbeat Bride, as an official Offbeat Bride Wedding Photographer in Ohio. What!? Yes. To be entirely honest, being on Offbeat Bride has been on my bucket list for at least three years now, and well… here we are, Yay! If you’re planning a wedding, I HIGHLY recommended checking out Offbeat Bride’s Blog for inspiration of any kind of wedding. Either traditional or totally off the wall from normal, I can guarantee that there will be some amazing resources, and articles to paw though that you will love, and find super helpful!

So with the bad, the good comes too. Of course nothing compares to a lost loved one, but getting a little love back from the universe right about now is more then welcomed. In the next couple weeks our website will FINALLY be starting to make a more solid appearance, as the rebuild has gone from nonexistent to rocking and rolling the past week. Stay tuned for super fun and awesome updates!  

To be continued.

xo Heather