Starting New

So nothing shakes a small business like unexpectedly like loosing their website, even more so a wedding professional in the middle of peak engagement season. About three weeks ago, through a random string of unfortunate events, and right before the holidays - my website that I had built and designed entirely myself (3-4 years of work - so it hurt pretty hard) was crashed and killed in a very nutshelled explanation of what happened. So here we are... a new site, a new structure, a new everything - just in time for new years! I've decided that naturally everything happens for a reason, so that in turn, this will be a positive situation. I also, in light of all of this gained bragging rights of being able to say that I was attacked by Russian Hackers via Koolaid Man crashing through your kitchen wall style, and lived to tell the tale. Something I never thought in my lifetime that I would be saying... so a couple extra bonus points there, right? This all means that through the next few weeks a lot of awesome changes and design elements will be happening, as I continue to pull everything together again, and rebrand Retro Peacock Photos. Bear with us through all the changes, and dust - I promise it will all be worth it though. The picture below is what used to be - but instead of being devastated, I'm going to take this as an opportunity to just come back bigger and better then ever. Get ready guys, big things are in the works!            xo Heather