1. What are your rates?

a. Pricing varies depending on type of session and coverage is desired. Our packages are all custom tailored to best suit your needs! Our Ala Carte' Engagement Sessions start at $500 and our Wedding Packages, which do include an engagement session, start at $2800, and range from there. 

2. We want to learn more, whats next?

a. Awesome! The next step after contacting us, will be to confirm that Retro Peacock Photos is still available for your date. If I am not, I will send you a list of likeminded referrals who are. If I am still open (yay!!) we will schedule a coffee date to get a chance to meet each other in person, chat about your wedding, and go over different details and options!

3. We LOVE you, and your work - how do we book you, like right MEOW!?

a. I have the coolest clients ever, I swear by this. After we have a coffee date together to chat and get to know each other - I offer a one week hold on your date to give you some time to chat with your significant other, and think of any other additional questions to ask me - etc before making this decision. The choice of picking your wedding photographer, should not be a light choice - most people don't realize that the person you actually do spend the most time with on your wedding day, is your photographer - so really, this is a very personal choice. If you decide that person is me, then heck yes - lets do this! All we need to do is get back together, cover any additional questions, go over the contract, and put down an initial investment equal to half of your customized package quote. That's it! After that, you're officially part of the Retro P Family!! 

4. How involved are you through the wedding process?

a. One word: Very. Aside from my style and personality - this is where I really stand apart from your "normal" wedding photographer. I am there 100% of the way from day one. I help with referrals, ideal timelines, and even help brainstorm different ideas, and ways of doing things. This list goes on. I show up the day of your wedding also pretty well equipped to handle any type of situation, planned or unplanned. It's amazing the things you learn along the way after working weddings for so long. I know how to fix tears, remove stains, repair wardrobe malfunctions, have even done hair or make-up touch ups on the fly, and still have yet to meet a dress that I cannot get up and / or bustled. I jump in wherever I possibly can to ensure your day is everything, and then some of what you dreamed of. 

5. What is your style?

a. Personalized. I get this question a lot, and it's always a little hard to give a specific answer. I get to know you, and your significant other as much as possible through our awesome time together. That way I learn what is important to you photographically, and really build off of what I learn about the two of you. Visually, my "style" is always consecutive, but the experience, and how we get there is always personalized. I can honestly say that even several years later - I am still in contact and close with at least 90% of my clients. I mean it when I say I love what I do, who I get to work & build relationships with. :)

6. How long does it take to receive our images, how many images do we get, and how to you deliver the images to us?

a. As soon as we get our website and blog back up to normal - sneak peeks will resume! A sneak peek is 12-20 images that tells a bit of the story from our day. I post these a week after your session or wedding! For Engagement Sessions, and sessions comparable - our turn around time frame is  2-4 weeks depending on the season, and weddings are 8-10 weeks turn around delivery depending on the season. Every wedding and session are always so different, so putting an exact number on the amount of images is always difficult. I can guarantee at least 30 images per hour for sessions and at least 50 per hour for weddings! I deliver everything via an online gallery. The galleries are super awesome, and jammed packed with all sorts of goodies. PLUS galleries also double as a print ordering site, which is super awesome and convenient to share with your friends and family. You can download all of your images off of the online gallery as well. For weddings, I love to schedule a "photo reveal" at my office, and go through everything with you one on one - its always a ton of fun!

7. How experienced are you, and how many weddings have you shot?

a. I've shot well over 100+ weddings, and have been in business full time for five years now. Being that I'm in my late twenties, I feel that I'm really lucky to of found my love and passion in life at such a young age. I am always continuing my education, pushing my boundaries, and upgrading gear piece by piece. Then Repeat. Really, part of my job is always learning new things and pushing myself to the next level. I love that aspect of what I do - always learning, always evolving, learning the rules, and the figuring out how to break them. I love what I do, its not just a career choice, but also a choice of lifestyle.

8. How are you different from other photographers, what do you mean by being an offbeat boutique photographer?

a. I'm definitely an out of the box thinker - from my style, work, composition, way of doing business, high level of customer service, genuine love of what I do, and the people I work with - I think its pretty safe to say I stand out from the crowd, in all of the right ways. I consider myself offbeat for all of these reasons. There's a change in the wedding world, where suddenly more and more people are embracing doing things differently, and breaking away from standard traditions. I LOVE this, this is where I thrive - getting creative freedom to be the artist that I am, and help pull together the wedding of your dreams, that is unique and special to you. Boutique meaning high level of quality and service in a more niche area. Mix that combination together, and you get quite the awesome mix of badass.

9. How did you get into photography?

I've actually been into photography since a pretty young age. It was always something that always made me feel alive, and definitely helped me get through the awkward angsty teen years by having a solid creative outlet. I actually started off pursuing architecture, street photography, and macro nature work. I never in a million years thought that my niche would end up being with people, let alone weddings. It wasn't until my own wedding, where I realized where my heart actually might lay. I ended up shooting a few friends weddings as a wedding present for them to test the waters. Of course I had NO idea what I was doing, or what I had gotten myself into. I loved it though - I loved the hustle, I loved the people, I loved it all... I decided to apprentice and learn from some of the best photographers that I could, and later made the decision to branch out. That's When Retro Peacock was born. Since that point, I have grown and learned in so many ways I never knew possible. Its been five years now that I have owned my own business, and I couldn't imagine my life any other way. Have I mentioned how much I love what I do yet? 

10. Who is your ideal client, and wedding?

My ideal client is likeminded, laid back and fun to work with. Because of my strong pull into the Architecture, and Street Photography world, my favorite types of sessions and weddings are the ones that I can fuse those aspects into those images. I look for different angles, bright colors, bold contrast, and symmetry regardless of where I am shooting - but getting to romp in an urban setting is always my absolute favorite, and where I truly thrive. 

I think that just about covers the basics of it all! Ready to schedule your coffee date now!? Just click the button below to contact us!!